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Beginning of Spring

Each morning, a charming California Towhee, or so I believe, graces the branches just outside of our dining room window. It doesn’t stay long, often just a few seconds. Other times, a hummingbird would alight a quiet twig and hurriedly grooms itself. However, this morning, a pair of squirrels turned our home and the nearby […]

New York, 2023

From the moment we landed, I felt a jarring disconnect, a clear mismatch in my gut. I was overwhelmed, irritated, and disheartened by the disrepair of everything. The grime and cacophony, once merely backdrop, have now taken centerstage, coloring every sight and experience. As if to epitomize the experience, my LIRR train constantly lost power […]

小寒 (Minor Cold) musings

The view outside my window is beautiful. Slanted sunlight bathes the day in a perpetual golden hour, infusing the crisp, crystal-clear air with a stillness that seems almost frozen in time. The evergreen trees stand strong with their lush foliage, while their more delicate kin bare weather-worn branches and twigs, gesturing with a graceful fractal […]

Follow the objects

I love the convenience and possibilities of digital crafts. But I miss the tactile sensation. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I reflected on my reaction. A part of my essay: Two and a half years of film photography mentioned: For the first time, I felt what “loving the process” truly means. It was disconcerting first. […]

To somewhere

This year has been a whirlwind, to say the least. While unfinished work remains, I wonder if “done” or “back to normal” are ever truly attainable. But that’s okay; life is, after all, a never-ending journey of change. As these thoughts surfaced, my GPS led me to a ramp that felt entirely unfamiliar.