Phin Cafe

Tucked away in a shaded nook of a typical suburban shopping center in South San Jose, Phin Cafe is an oasis of beautifully crafted Vietnamese drinks with a lo-fi atmosphere. The interior, themed with walnut wood and concrete, is equipped with outlets, tables, and bright natural and overhead lighting, perfect for a comfortable work session in a cozy space.

Because they also serve banh mi and snacks, it might be best to avoid the lunch rush hour. After 1PM, the place is quiet and calm, with occasional visitors every 5 minutes. The doorbell chime is subtle and unobtrusive, and the lo-fi music blends well into the neutral and slightly upbeat energy of the cafe.

Their specialty drink is Cà Phê Trứng, a Vietnamese coffee drink that is made with egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk, and robusta coffee. The creamy texture of egg yolk smooths out the sharp, bitter notes of robusta beans. The drink is perfect for a thicker, creamier interpretation of the classic Vietnamese coffee when you need to switch it up for something sweeter and more savory. I asked for the “less sweet” version with oat milk and it was perfect to my liking.

We also tried the banana matcha, which tasted exactly like what it says. The banana stood out a lot more than the matcha. The drink had subtle notes of earthy and leafy matcha, coating the sides of your tongue while filling your nasal cavity with the aroma of bananas.

It’s about 22min from Mountain View, where we currently live. It’s a perfect rest stop for a South San Jose trip, but once in a while, it might not be bad to come here for a simple banh mi lunch and an afternoon jam session.

Meet you there!

Phin Cafe
461 Blossom Hill Rd San Jose, CA 95123 United States

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