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Reflections about the people and world around me, and myself.

No, It’s Not Better to Leave San Francisco

People have been rightfully protesting the high rents in San Francisco for many years now. With the pandemic as a catalyst, people have moved out of the area to save money or seek a different lifestyle as more companies allowed remote work. That’s great for everybody. What’s really annoying, however, is this incessant and active […]

Moving Forward in Place

If there’s anything I can be the most sure of, it’d be that I’m a very visual person. A new chapter in my life starts with a new place, a new office, a new classroom. It feels likes a concrete beginning. Like a new hardcover book. After seven months of chaos and uncertainty, my girlfriend […]

100 Years of Life

I read “100 Years: Wisdom From Famous Writers on Every Year of Your Life.” It’s more of an experience than a story. An experience so familiar yet distant, so eerie yet comforting, so relatable yet alien. I see cycles, patterns, peculiarities and exceptions. Some passages are lifted straight out of my own journal. Some are […]

Tea and Teeth

I like brewing and drinking tea in the morning. Mostly Chinese green and oolong. Sometimes sencha, genmaicha, or black tea. If I feel fancy throughout the day, I might even make fruit tea. I started brewing consistently since 2017. I don’t remember exactly how I started, but I think it started with a box of […]

Becoming, Not Doing

This week’s newsletter from LOBSTER, titled “Becoming,” has something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Myamoto Yuto, a co-author of the newsletter, realized something about himself upon being asked by his friends: “what’s your vision?” 「これを成し遂げたい」とか「いついつまでにこういうことをしたい」という思いがないのは、もともと先の計画を立てるのが得意でない性格なことに加えて、自分が「する」ことよりも、「なる」ことのほうに興味があるからだろう。 The reason I don’t have an idea of “I want to accomplish this” or “I want to […]

My First Island

Kelsey and I started playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons four days ago, and so far, this game has become a relaxing and fun escape during this time of crisis. The real time and season mechanism is much appreciated, as it gets rid of the grinding anxiety that other RPG-style games always make me feel. There’s […]

Showing Up For The Daemon

The Greeks believed that daemons were responsible for striking you with inspiration and whispering wisdom into your ears. The Romans believed that various geniuses guarded you until your death and were the disembodied spirits of many aspects of your life. When I heard this concept from Elizabeth Gilbert in her 2009 TED Talk “Your Elusive Creative Genius,” […]

Time, Space, and Anchors to Priorities

The other day, I had this idea of how a living space can function as a vessel or reflection of one’s life’s priorities. Living space is like time in one’s life: not easily extendable. If your house is 2000 sqft, it’s up to you to make the most out of every square inch. Akin to […]

330 Years, 10 Minutes

Names anonymized to protect their identities. A few months ago, I was taking a walk with Wu and his wife Xian after dinner. The street was unusually calm, probably because most migrant workers had already gone back to their hometowns for the Qingming Festival. Somewhere along the path, we arrived at a city square, where […]