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Reflections about the people and world around me, and myself.

Beginning of Spring

Each morning, a charming California Towhee, or so I believe, graces the branches just outside of our dining room window. It doesn’t stay long, often just a few seconds. Other times, a hummingbird would alight a quiet twig and hurriedly grooms itself. However, this morning, a pair of squirrels turned our home and the nearby […]

小寒 (Minor Cold) musings

The view outside my window is beautiful. Slanted sunlight bathes the day in a perpetual golden hour, infusing the crisp, crystal-clear air with a stillness that seems almost frozen in time. The evergreen trees stand strong with their lush foliage, while their more delicate kin bare weather-worn branches and twigs, gesturing with a graceful fractal […]

Follow the objects

I love the convenience and possibilities of digital crafts. But I miss the tactile sensation. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I reflected on my reaction. A part of my essay: Two and a half years of film photography mentioned: For the first time, I felt what “loving the process” truly means. It was disconcerting first. […]

To somewhere

This year has been a whirlwind, to say the least. While unfinished work remains, I wonder if “done” or “back to normal” are ever truly attainable. But that’s okay; life is, after all, a never-ending journey of change. As these thoughts surfaced, my GPS led me to a ramp that felt entirely unfamiliar. 

In purposelessness, we find purpose

Undeniably, we stand at a tipping point of knowledge work transformation. And it is scary—designs and illustrations can now be commissioned in seconds without a human behind it. It’s making everyone nervous, rightfully so, for their livelihood and sense of purpose. We’ve seen what happened to manufacturing workers not long ago. I can’t help but […]

Rise of subtitles?

I came across this WSJ article a few days ago: Why Do All These 20-Somethings Have Closed Captions Turned On? As it turns out, closed captions and subtitles have become increasing popular for reasons I didn’t expect. I was reminded of how dependent on subtitles I am, and pleasantly surprised that it’s become more normalized […]

The morning table

When it comes to personal work, if I’m honest with myself, I’d say that I probably spend more time working away from my work desk than at it, no matter how decked out and ergonomic it is. So, I started wondering why. In sociology, there’s this concept called “third place,” a place other than your […]

Guilty for not playing

From Wired last week: I want to quit. I need to quit. But I also feel like I should be getting stuff done, even in my entertainment, and if I abandon a game before I’m finished with the story, it’s lost time, a failure. What do I have to show for the hundred hours of […]

Formalism and that scripted class I’m still bitter about

Beijing launches campaign against obsequious behavior by requiring party cadres to study leader’s remarks on ‘formalism and bureaucratism’ Xi Jinping’s Eager-to-Please Bureaucrats Snarl His China Plans I highly encourage you to speed read through this piece on WSJ. But if you don’t, the summary is: centralization of power causes every cadre to be accountable in […]