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Reflections about the people and world around me, and myself.

In purposelessness, we find purpose

Undeniably, we stand at a tipping point of knowledge work transformation. And it is scary—designs and illustrations can now be commissioned in seconds without a human behind it. It’s making everyone nervous, rightfully so, for their livelihood and sense of purpose. We’ve seen what happened to manufacturing workers not long ago. I can’t help but […]

Rise of subtitles?

I came across this WSJ article a few days ago: Why Do All These 20-Somethings Have Closed Captions Turned On? As it turns out, closed captions and subtitles have become increasing popular for reasons I didn’t expect. I was reminded of how dependent on subtitles I am, and pleasantly surprised that it’s become more normalized […]

The morning table

When it comes to personal work, if I’m honest with myself, I’d say that I probably spend more time working away from my work desk than at it, no matter how decked out and ergonomic it is. So, I started wondering why. In sociology, there’s this concept called “third place,” a place other than your […]

Guilty for not playing

From Wired last week: I want to quit. I need to quit. But I also feel like I should be getting stuff done, even in my entertainment, and if I abandon a game before I’m finished with the story, it’s lost time, a failure. What do I have to show for the hundred hours of […]

Formalism and that scripted class I’m still bitter about

Beijing launches campaign against obsequious behavior by requiring party cadres to study leader’s remarks on ‘formalism and bureaucratism’ Xi Jinping’s Eager-to-Please Bureaucrats Snarl His China Plans I highly encourage you to speed read through this piece on WSJ. But if you don’t, the summary is: centralization of power causes every cadre to be accountable in […]

No, It’s Not Better to Leave San Francisco

People have been rightfully protesting the high rents in San Francisco for many years now. With the pandemic as a catalyst, people have moved out of the area to save money or seek a different lifestyle as more companies allowed remote work. That’s great for everybody. What’s really annoying, however, is this incessant and active […]

Moving Forward in Place

If there’s anything I can be the most sure of, it’d be that I’m a very visual person. A new chapter in my life starts with a new place, a new office, a new classroom. It feels likes a concrete beginning. Like a new hardcover book. After seven months of chaos and uncertainty, my girlfriend […]

Tea and Teeth

I like brewing and drinking tea in the morning. Mostly Chinese green and oolong. Sometimes sencha, genmaicha, or black tea. If I feel fancy throughout the day, I might even make fruit tea. I started brewing consistently since 2017. I don’t remember exactly how I started, but I think it started with a box of […]

100 Years of Life

I read “100 Years: Wisdom From Famous Writers on Every Year of Your Life.” It’s more of an experience than a story. An experience so familiar yet distant, so eerie yet comforting, so relatable yet alien. I see cycles, patterns, peculiarities and exceptions. Some passages are lifted straight out of my own journal. Some are […]