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Finding my third places.

Cafe Corners: Cup of Blooms

On a hot Saturday day in the Pennisula, Cup of Blooms is an unassuming and relaxing destination. This cafe, situated east of Central Park in Downtown San Mateo, specializes in fruit and milk tea with ample seating for groups small and large. For an urban-minded worker trapped in the suburbs, hangout spots like this one […]

Cafe Corners: Nakamura Tokichi Hong-Kong Store

I have this habit of hitting up local Muji stores wherever I go. Sometimes, if lucky, I find interesting products unavailable in the states. Today, as I strolled back to my hotel from an afternoon excursion in Hong Kong, I took the liberty to visit a Muji store. I noticed a place next to the […]

Cafe Corners: Matcha One

One of my favorite things about walking around in cities is discovering wonderful spaces in unassuming neighborhoods. Most of the residential buildings in Taipei are rather uninteresting, cookie-cutter slabs of concrete and steel. In the west side of Zhongshan Park in Da-an District, however, things felt more lively. Expressive storefronts lined up the alleyways with […]

Cafe Corners: COFFEE DPT

COFFEE DPT is literally surrounded from three sides by bamboo bushes and buildings and yet feels open and inviting. Perhaps because the table area is located right alongside the passageway connecting one of the Huashan 1914 Creative Park complexes and an open parking area, COFFEE DPT brings people watching and seclusion to the same cozy […]