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The Apple “pyramid of needs”

Apple this week announced that they are bringing Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to the iPad Pro. That was a mouthful. But in case you don’t know: they are two of the industry standards for video and audio editing, respectively. They come with a steep learning curve, complex UI, powerful capabilities, and a target […]

In purposelessness, we find purpose

Undeniably, we stand at a tipping point of knowledge work transformation. And it is scary—designs and illustrations can now be commissioned in seconds without a human behind it. It’s making everyone nervous, rightfully so, for their livelihood and sense of purpose. We’ve seen what happened to manufacturing workers not long ago. I can’t help but […]

Slices of Our Brain

The most recent development in AI makes me feel like I’m living in a condensed timeline where progress flies at a 10x speed. It wasn’t that long ago that people were shocked by the image generation capabilities of DALL-E 2, a GPT-based multi-modal model. Suddenly, we have tools that are able to make functional games, […]

Repair before replacing

The ice maker at our new townhome didn’t work, but it didn’t bother us as much as we rarely used ice. Earlier this month, our landlords kindly replaced the fridge. I suppose they replaced it because there’s no one offering repairs for a fridge as old as the house. Still, it seemed like a big […]

What is an artist in the DALL-E 2 Era?

Recently, DALL-E 2 made headlines everywhere: an AI illustration program that turns descriptions of images into actual ones with believably good results. For example, if you type “an astronaut riding a horse,” this is one of the options DALL-E generates for you: With DALL-E, it is suddenly possible to ”express one’s ideas” without mastery of […]

China’s Privacy Conundrum

There is an interesting “paradox.” On one hand, if you have been following the news, the Chinese government has been deploying AI to monitor and govern more expensively than ever: The government is using facial recognition and big data to control and monitor its citizens. Under recent legislation, authorities have enshrined the right to law […]