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Repair before replacing

The ice maker at our new townhome didn’t work, but it didn’t bother us as much as we rarely used ice. Earlier this month, our landlords kindly replaced the fridge. I suppose they replaced it because there’s no one offering repairs for a fridge as old as the house. Still, it seemed like a big […]

What is an artist in the DALL-E 2 Era?

Recently, DALL-E 2 made headlines everywhere: an AI illustration program that turns descriptions of images into actual ones with believably good results. For example, if you type “an astronaut riding a horse,” this is one of the options DALL-E generates for you: With DALL-E, it is suddenly possible to ”express one’s ideas” without mastery of […]

Hand-to-Screen Distance

After posting The Case for Tablet Cases last week, I’d like to elaborate more on how the design of a given case encourages certain types of behaviors. Let’s start with the three cases offered by Apple for the iPad Pro as examples.

The Case For Tablet Cases

Evidently, at some point in our history of Sci-Fi imaginations, everybody thought that slabs of glass are going to be the personal computer for everyone. As it turned out in 2020, the PC form factor is more fragmented than ever. For a good two decades, we had laptops vs. desktops. Now, we have tablets, big […]

Social Gathering via Animal Crossing

I’m very grateful that I have a Nintendo Switch during this quarantine. Ring Fit Adventure, which is sold out now, gives me a solid and fun option to exercise at home. And most recently, Animal Crossing has become a social hub for me and my friends. It’s truly lovely. The weather in the game, even […]

Speed Changes Things for Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch for me has always been a disappointing device with so much potential. I owned a Series 2 before it cracked in the shower, and of course my life went on for a year without problems. Then I decided to get the LTE version of Series 3, which admittedly was a lot more […]

The Story of The b-side Redesign

Three years ago, I stopped writing for FwdThoughts. The lofty and self-imposed expectation of long-form pieces, precisely research-backed facts and critically proof-read sentences, crippled my motivation to write. While searching for a path to remove that mental block, I recalled a quote by Ging Freecs, a character from Hunter × Hunter, that goes: 道草を楽しめ 大いにな。ほしいものより大切なものがきっとそっちにころがってる (Go […]

Enough Features

So many products are confused. They overestimate people’s appetite for features and underestimate how busy they are to care. And when the “paradox” of products with less features succeed over those that don’t, many wonder why.  If you work in tech, you probably know at least one zealous friend who raves to you about the […]

Reading News

What’s your go-to way to get news? For the past year and half, I’ve been experimenting with different ways to read news. While I might just be too picky, the journey to find the right tools has been endlessly frustrating. Content-wise, I like to read about topics that interest me 80% of the time, and […]

Full Time Apple Card

Looking back at the history of unexpected products, Apple Card is probably one of the most controversial from Apple—a company known for their gadgets and apps. But if you think of Apple not as a hardware or software company, but rather one that sells you experiences, an iPhone-integrated and a beautifully crafted titanium credit card […]