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Hand-to-Screen Distance

After posting The Case for Tablet Cases last week, I’d like to elaborate more on how the design of a given case encourages certain types of behaviors. Let’s start with the three cases offered by Apple for the iPad Pro as examples.

The Case For Tablet Cases

Evidently, at some point in our history of Sci-Fi imaginations, everybody thought that slabs of glass are going to be the personal computer for everyone. As it turned out in 2020, the PC form factor is more fragmented than ever. For a good two decades, we had laptops vs. desktops. Now, we have tablets, big […]

Enough Features

So many products are confused. They overestimate people’s appetite for features and underestimate how busy they are to care. And when the “paradox” of products with less features succeed over those that don’t, many wonder why.  If you work in tech, you probably know at least one zealous friend who raves to you about the […]

Photo Sharing on iOS

My friends and I have iCloud Shared Albums to which we upload photos of activities we did together. From there, we download the ones we’d like to keep. The other day, I noticed a duplicate photo in my library. It must have been an accidental re-download of a photo I uploaded. Yes, I often forget that I took the […]

Too Long, Didn’t Listen

Let’s do a thought exercise together: do you prefer to call friends over audio or video? Why? Now let’s say you are a frequent podcast listener. If I give you an hour of completely free time, would you sit down to listen to a podcast and do nothing else in the meantime? Why? I think most people’s […]

Extracting Gems from Bullet Points

Many of my friends and acquaintances have asked me to help them with their resumes. I myself have gone through nearly dozens of iterations for just one job. I don’t claim to be a resume expert since first, well, I am not and second, I only have experiences applying to a few types of jobs […]