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iPhone X’s Inconsistent Multitasking Behavior

I’ve read a few opinion pieces recently claiming that because iPhone X is one year ahead of schedule, iOS 11 isn’t quite ready yet for the new screen and interaction patterns. I didn’t think those were more than attention-grabbing speculations, until I’ve noticed some jarring inconsistencies in UI. Today, let’s look at the multitasking mental […]

Totm+Travl and Outweighing First-Party Luxuries

A product called “Totm+Travl” showed up on my Apple News feed yesterday. It’s an Apple Watch charging dock. I always felt that most of these docks only offer purely aesthetic value, something that does nothing more than looking nicer on a bedside table. Considering how expensive these docks can get, I never considered purchasing one. […]

The Ideal Wrist Computer

Phil Schiller once described Apple’s hardware philosophy as (somewhat grandiosely titled) “Grand Unified Theory of Apple Products.” During an interview with Backchannel, he elaborated: “Each one is offering computers something unique and each is made with a simple form that is pretty eternal. The job of the watch is to do more and more things on […]