Nakamura Tokichi Hong-Kong Store

I have this habit of hitting up local Muji stores wherever I go. Sometimes, if lucky, I find interesting products unavailable in the states. Today, as I strolled back to my hotel from an afternoon excursion in Hong Kong, I took the liberty to visit a Muji store. I noticed a place next to the entrance to Muji that had some “tea” characters on the signage. To my pleasant surprise, it was a tea-themed cafe, much similar to the one I visited in Taipei. I took a number and was seated promptly.

The window bar had a neat row of alternating coaster colors, balanced by the earthly teapots and teacups that looked pleasant and welcoming. Soft ceiling lights cast everything in a warm tone, making the sharp angles of wood frames seem more comfortable and less intimidating. And through the ceiling-to-floor glass, the greeneries and buildings from across the street framed a picture before me.

I put on my headphones and typed away. Soon I found myself with nothing but my words, my tea, and my music, backdropped by a neon landscape that is Hong Kong.

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